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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Good Good Goodies is an online supermarket focused on lowering the cost of groceries. By applying a modern way to do business in a traditional industry, we are able to lower the prices on the same products and brands you would find at a local supermarket. Free delivery is available within Vancouver and the neighbouring districts.

We aim to deliver huge savings all while providing the best customer service and customer experience.

Our Mission

At the heart of Good Good Goodies, our intention is to make a positive impact, and that’s why we made it our mission to make groceries affordable.

About Us

Our Story

The original idea of Good Good Goodies was born in late 2021 as an online store for imported products. In 2022, the prices of food started rising, causing stress for families. People in the community found themselves struggling to put meals on the table. We wanted to help.

The co-founders come from a technology background, and without experience in the grocery industry, they quickly identified inefficiencies in a very traditional business model. Over time and with a lot of research, they realized they were able to solve for the inefficiencies and modernize the business model, which will result in reducing the cost to operate and passing the savings to the customer.

With the Good Good Goodies business model, we are able to help customer’s save 20% on products they already use and brands they already trust. While traditional supermarkets are available, we want to give customers a choice to also shop with confidence online for their grocery needs. To better serve the community, we help get the products to you with prearranged delivery services and pick up centers across the lower mainland.

Goodgoodgoodies.com was launched in October 2022.

Modernizing The Industry

The grocery industry operates on a traditional business model and we are proactively experimenting with different ideas to transform the industry using technology, which will further reduce what customers pay for groceries. Our areas of focus includes;

  • Customer’s overall shopping experience
  • Company culture
  • Disruption of the current business model.
About Us

Our Team

About Us

Marcus Li


Marcus is energized by the vision and the mission of Good Good Goodies. He is proud to have the opportunity to be part of the team to tackle the challenge to make groceries more affordable for the people in our community. With some time, he believes that Good Good Goodies will be able to disrupt the traditional ways people buy food and at the same time help people save more money; so everyone can buy more.

About Us

Robert Chow


Robert is passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience and building a meaningful and impactful business. When he’s not working on the business, you can find him trying to improve his golf swing at the driving range or on a golf course. He also enjoys travelling, reading, personal development, and chatting about the universe. His pet peeve is staying at a hotel with a low water pressure shower.

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